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Basement Underpinning & Excavation in Toronto


When space becomes a premium in your home, or if you're looking for some extra income from a rental space, consider basement lowering (underpinning) in Toronto and GTA.

Libero are certified professionals in basement strengthening and lowering basement floors. Basement lowering will add value to your home by providing space for a family room, or a rental apartment that will supplement your family's income. Only Libero performs basement underpinning in Toronto and GTA, in addition to basement lowering, that includes waterproofing, drain replacement or installation, and pouring a new concrete floor. Having these services performed by Libero direct will give you 50% savings from not having to work with the middle man.

You should consider basement underpinning if:

  • The ground supporting your home's foundation may have shifted or become compromised
  • Your home's original foundation has weakened over the years
  • The use of your home or structure has changed
  • You are looking for additional space for your family
  • You are interested to generate rental income

Basement strengthening redistributes the weight of your house, giving the foundation more stability and increasing the overall value of your home.

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    “I was amazed at how quickly they transformed my bathroom into a masterpiece. AMAZING! ”

Sandra, North York, Feb 2009